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      1. Wuxi bsrwood Precision Machinery Co., Ltd

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        Company profile

        Author: Bsrwood | Release time:2021-01-15

            Wuxi bsrwood Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in the design, production, installation, commissioning and sales of complete sets of biomass pellet machinery engineering. In the aspect of biomass pellet machinery, the company makes continuous improvement on the basis of predecessors, and makes in-depth research on the development and application of biomass energy. Digesting and absorbing years of biomass particle solidification technology at home and abroad, independent research and innovation, developed a new generation of biomass particle solidification molding high intelligent complete equipment. Breakthrough improvements have been made in the key links of biomass particle curing and molding system, such as improving the overall structure of the main engine, improving the ring mold material and quenching process, external roller bearing, etc., so that the whole equipment runs stably, has low failure, stable output, can be produced continuously for a long time, and improves the service life of vulnerable parts. It can adapt to different kinds of biomass materials, such as wood chips, bamboo chips, peanut shells, rice husks, straw, agricultural and forestry wastes, etc.  

            The company pursues the tenet of "win trust with sincerity and win with quality", and is committed to providing customers with perfect overall scheme, high-quality equipment and good after-sales service.

            Before 2007  We mainly engaged in the R & D, design and manufacturing of precision molds, and our products were exported to Europe and America.

            2007-2010    In 2007, we transformed the design and manufacture of precision paper machinery parts and exported them to Europe. During this period, we independently researched and developed a number of wood drying equipment; we cooperated with many global paper machinery and equipment companies, such as Metso Paper technology, Voith Paper technology, quattrol paper technology, PMT paper technology, etc.

            2010-2012     We will collect domestic and foreign particle curing technology, independently develop, design and manufacture, and launch a domestic butter free particle curing prototype. After repeated practice, test and modification of records, we will finally launch the finalized product 720 model on the market through the discussion and research of many domestic and foreign mechanical design elites.

            From 2012 to now  Bsrwood granulator has been able to stand the test of customers and market for many years, and has been sold all over the country; Bessel people are not arrogant to sell their excellent products abroad. Linyi office will be opened in 2016, Subei office, Russia office, Vietnam office, Central Asia office, Poland office will be opened in 2017, and Northeast China office will be opened in 2018-2019

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