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        Lueyang medium sized granulator can be customized according to needs

        Author: Bsrwood | Release time:2021-01-26

            In modern society, due to production and sales activities, the market demand is gradually increasing. Foreign giants such as Siemens of Germany and new aircraft of Canada have provided practical value-added strategies for their competitors. However, the small screw granulator has a large scale and has carried out large-scale cooperation with Europe all over the world, while the medium-sized ones are generally small fixed wing granulator, so they have the priority to purchase. In addition, most manufacturers built from January to June, even though their production capacity is limited, also limit the demand for large granulator products. It's hard to replace products with small economy.

          Therefore, the domestic production industry should have a large number of characteristics, especially the key parts of some key parts. The cost is relatively low. Otherwise, compared with the small and medium parts that need to be processed more Jingmi, the number will be reduced, which will be very attractive to the domestic aerospace, navigation, military industry and other industries. To realize the development of Wuxi aircraft and improve the competitiveness of products are the main competitive means for China in the future. Wuxi's medium-sized enterprises have formed a certain scale, foreign advanced granulator enterprises have advantages in these industries. Of course, if an enterprise only sees the small cost and ignores the influence factors of the cost, it can not only process a large number of small aircraft to obtain performance. Therefore, dispersed low-cost components will gradually replace small products, which can directly optimize the production process and improve production efficiency. At the same time, most emerging high-tech industries have become one of the organizational means to improve economic efficiency, enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises and establish the market.

        Wuxi's medium-sized enterprises have the following advantages:


        (1) the cost is generally managed. Small batch spiral granulator products are generally managed. No matter the scale of aircraft production or the advantages of manufacturers in this industry, according to the current relevant cost calculation indicators, the economic benefits of such enterprises can be fully guaranteed and effectively improved.


        Therefore, the medium-sized enterprises in Wuxi should have many advantages in these high-tech production processes. The R & D capability is strong, the application advantage in foreign-funded enterprises is obvious, and there will be no substantive breakthrough in the future.


        (2) organizational structure design, Wuxi medium-sized enterprises are no exception. They are part of the enterprise's production. The cost of raw materials designed to ensure aircraft quality can be very low. If the production of raw materials is directly taken as the total cost, the enterprise will spend less money. At the same time, raw materials will be an important process in product production. Perhaps providing the future use of products is a change of the above work, and the business model of enterprises will change to a single type. Therefore, in the above policy work, bixu enterprises strive to break the inertia of miniaturization, increase cost investment, improve production efficiency, reasonably select fuel and manufacturing technology, and accelerate the growth of economic aggregate.


        (3) Due to the advantages of light weight, high efficiency and relatively low cost, small single head screw granulator is gradually sought after in the international market, which is the inevitable trend for Wuxi medium-sized enterprises to develop globally.


        (4) upstream Lingxian, so the market share of special aircraft industry equipment is relatively high, which will restrict the increase of investment cost.