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        Is natural gas really that environmentally friendly?

        Author: Bsrwood | Release time:2021-01-26

        Today, I'd like to popularize the knowledge of natural gas, because with the ban on coal combustion, many enterprises don't know how to choose between "coal to gas" and "coal to biomass".

        First of all, what is natural gas?

        According to the introduction of Baidu Encyclopedia, the details are as follows:

        Natural gas refers to all natural gases in nature, including gases formed by various natural processes in the atmosphere, hydrosphere and lithosphere (including oilfield gas, gas field gas, mud volcanic gas, coalbed gas and biogenic gas, etc.).

        The "coal to gas" in the market is generally divided into two categories, one is pipeline gas, the other is compressed canned gas (CNG high pressure and normal temperature natural gas, LNG low temperature and normal pressure natural gas). Where there is natural gas pipeline, pipeline gas supply is used, and where there is no natural gas pipeline, CNG and LNG two kinds of canned gas are used, just like liquefied petroleum gas, a large tank is used in the factory.

        CNG mobile station

        LNG tanker

        Second, natural gas is clean energy, but not new energy.

        ”"Coal to gas" uses natural gas as an energy source to replace coal and fuel oil, effectively reducing the use of coal and fuel oil. The use of natural gas can reduce the emissions of sulfur dioxide and dust by 90-99%, carbon dioxide by 60-70% and nitrogen oxides by 50%, which is helpful to reduce the formation of acid rain, relieve the global greenhouse effect and greatly improve the environmental pollution. Therefore, natural gas is a kind of clean energy.

        However, in order to reduce the greenhouse effect, natural gas, like coal and oil, will produce harmful gases that contribute to the greenhouse effect, such as carbon dioxide. Therefore, natural gas is a clean energy, which can effectively reduce the emission of harmful gases compared with coal and fuel oil, but it can not be regarded as a thorough environmental protection new energy.


        Emission comparison of natural gas, oil and coal

        Let's look at the cost of "coal to gas"


        Emission and cost comparison of coal, fuel, electricity, natural gas and biomass

        As can be seen from the figure above:

        1. Natural gas, air energy, biomass, electricity and other carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide emissions are low or ultra-low emissions.

        2. The order of cost comparison is as follows: Coal < biomass < air energy < fuel oil < gas < electricity

        Conclusion: coal is a cheaper energy, but the pollution is serious; gas is a clean energy, but the cost is higher; biomass compared with coal, the cost is slightly higher, but the emission reaches the environmental protection emission.

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